Find Your Dream Book

Are you totally stumped when you think about what to read next? Don't worry, just fill out this form and a librarian will email you within one week with a personalized list of 3-5 books based on your answers!
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Genres that interest you (check as many as you like):

Biography or Memoir
About a real person's life

Comic/Graphic Novel
Stories told in panels using pictures and limited text

When society has become harmful and oppressive

Often involves magic and other worlds

Historical Fiction
Realistic stories set in the past

Stories that will scare you

Something that will make you laugh

Solve a crime or figure out secrets

Based on legends or myths, often about gods from various cultures

Books that contain information and facts

Collection of poems or a novel told in poetry

Realistic Fiction
Contemporary settings and plots that could occur in real life

Focus on romantic relationships

Science Fiction
Often about space or time travel, or other future technologies

Short Stories
Collection of stories, often by different authors

Dangerous situations, often set in the wilderness or the end of the world

Action, adventure, and plot twists

  • What have you enjoyed reading, and what did you like about it?
  • What are you in the mood for now? Something long or short?
  • If you want books for an assignment, tell us the details of your assignment.

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