New Equipment and Software

New Equipment and Software

- Four Computers with 27” displays


- Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
- Green Screen
- Lighting Kit
- Professional Grade Microphones
- Scanner for photos, slides, and       filmstrips
- Sennheiser Headphones
- SLR Camera capable of filming in   HD
- Turntable for converting vinyl           records to MP3s
- Wacom tablets

Smart Lab 3D Printing

3D Printing

- MakerBot 3D Printer


- MakerBot Digitizer 3D Scanner
- 3D Modeling Software

Smart Lab New Additions

New Additions

Four Computers with 27" displays.


The New additions include two Retina display iMacs and two Touchscreen Dells to give the community the ability to choose a platform. All four include Adobe Creative Cloud suite, 3D modeling software, Intel core i7 processors, and advanced graphics cards.

VHS to DVD Converter

VHS to DVD Converter
& Green Screen

- VHS to DVD Converter


Patrons can transfer all their favorite family movies and preserve their memories. This machine works best with blank DVD-R disks. Blank DVD-R disks are available for sale or can be brought in to record on. No copyright infringement will be allowed. You must own the rights to the video footage you plan to transfer.

- Video editing can be done with the Green Screen, Lighting Kit, and Professional Grade Microphones added for special effects and voice-over recording.